March 17, 2013

July 26, 2012

My CLICKS in Muscat Newspapers

Wadi Dayqah Dam:
This snap was taken @ Quriyat dam before inauguration (Mar 12)
located near Wadi Mazara on the way to Quriyat...published in Muscat Daily Newspaper. Camera - SLR Canon 1100D

Switzerland :
No need to say about switzerland. This shot was at a photo stop
when travelling in swiss to paris by bus...foto got published in Muscat Daily, Camera - Canon SLR 1100D. i bought this professional camera
purposelly during Swiss-Paris trip in Sep 2011.

Tajmahal :
This was built by Shajahan in memory of his loving wife Mumtaz...
I took this snap when i went 2 delhi during my vacation in 2008.
This was published in "THE WEEK" Newspaper...Camera - Olympus Digital Camera 12MP
Grand Mosque : This foto was took one fine early morning for "Capital beauty of Muscat" foto competition in 2012, but it was not sent for competition...This was published in "HI" Newspaper in 2012...Camera - Canon SLR 1100D

June 28, 2012

My Clicks in Muscat Newspapers

On the way to Ameerat (via new Express Highway)
This foto was taken by me, on the way to Ameerat, i waited for sometime for the sunrise and shot...
It was published in Muscat Daily Newspaper...
U can also C the originial foto...
Camera - Canon SLR 1100D

Bimmah Sink Hole
This foto was shot by me with Canon SLR 1100D @ Bimmah Sink Hole, a picnic spot in Quriyat...

June 16, 2012

Jebel Akhdar


Another beautiful place in oman which is located near Nizwa...appx 180 kms from muscat...It lies 3000 m (appx) above the sea level...there is a military check point at a place where the rop checks our Resident card and driving license and allows 4wd only to climb up the mountain....driving will be interesting and challenging...The place is so cool and enjoyable...There are many coffee shops, petrol pump etc., 3-4 villages can be seen in the mountain...wherever u turn u can see lots of pomegranets, rose plants, grapes etc....climbing up and getting down is not that much difficult as others see/think/heard...but to drive in 35-40 kms speed will be a safe journey...
Peacock in Muscat

This place has got "n" no. of peacocks, wandering here and is so beautiful...but when we go nearby it moves restrictions to watch this...

June 10, 2012

Wadi bani awf / Bilad sayat

Wadi Bani Awf

This is a beautiful place and the trip will sure be an adventerous...
It is located near Rustaq...appx 130 km muscat...saloon car is ok upto 2km start of the wadi...
4wd is preferable...From here u can reach another place called Bilad Sayat which is a
greenery village...but reaching there is a challenging task...(4wd is a must)